About Us

Adress: Suit No. 4, Plot No. 22, First Floor, I & T Centre, G-10/4, Islamabad

Tel: +92-51-2350091

E-Mail: info@fouzintl.com

Fouz International was founded to provide the modern engineering services which are accompanied by the renewable energy resources which should make the livings self-dependent in energy requirement.

Fouz International soon achieved tremendous growth and won the trust of Government and Private entities. Its vision is leading it to the success by leaps and bounds.”

Fouz International is a leading Pakistani 3S engineering company dealing in Sale, Services and Supply of engineering equipment and projects.

Fouz International is registered as firm with Company Registrar in Islamabad and Licenced under Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) for Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Sales, Services and Supply Works.

Fouz International mandate as service provider and general order supplier of engineering and general equipments along with its capability to conduct National and International Trainings, Workshops, Seminar, Conferences and other Event related activities of both technical and general nature makes Fouz International sole among other solution providers in Pakistan market.

Fouz International's especially focus is on Conventional and Alternative Energy related projects, activities, Irrigation techniques, electrification projects, equipment and their standardisation and certifications.

Our vision is to be a leading national enterprise with global aspirations, by advancing the socio-economic developments of Pakistan through utilizing its entrepreneurial expertise in construction services

Our Mission is to provide quality products and services to customers and explore new markets at national and international levels to promote/expand sales of the company through good governance, a sound and dynamic team and environment friendly services

Extending our sincere gratitude to our stakeholders for their unwavering support for us, we pledge to be one of the largest national company that you can be proud of. Fouz International provides different engineering services which include civil engineering services and green energy services i.e. solar energy. Our quality focus has made us to affirm our place in the fast-paced business environment in the country. Behind our great success is the entrepreneurial spirit and the best talent of our team. We are growing because of this great spirit and passion. As the world is changing with respect to different things i.e. technology, we are unafraid of change and instead, we consider it an opportunity. The vision of the company keeps us energetic and motivated which is a route cause of our efforts and satisfaction of our clients. Moreover, environment protection is also our aim which push us to step in the green energy services. Thus, focusing on quality as well, Fouz International deals with the top-quality brands which are the reason of the satisfied customers and environment friendly products. Based on our solid business portfolio, Fouz International has experienced robust and healthy growth. We keep a close watch on changing market trends to identify new growth engines. Furthermore, we are committed to achieving innovation and technology excellence, which will give us a strong competitive edge in the market and help us take our next great leap forward. In order to provide the greatest satisfaction to our customers, we have implemented quality standards in our operations and thus, we are ISO 9001:2015 certified. Our Team doesn’t propose any limits to our aspirations and possess true tenacity and drive, and therefore have the capability to utilize every available means to achieve our goals. Based on our people-oriented management philosophy, the company strives to become a “caring group of people,” which look for “something different, something reliable”. We thank to our partners and customers whose trust have given us a place today we stand at. Our objective is to become a company that every stakeholder can be proud of. That is a commitment we solemnly pledge to all of you. Thank you.“

Zia Ullah Khetran CEO Fouz International