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Types of Solar Systems


On Grid / Grid Tied Solar System

Your Solar System is connected with Grid. You sale the extra generated energy to Grid and it can reduce your electricity bill to zero


Hybrid Solar System

You Solar System is connected with the Grid and has power back in case of load shedding. You can enjoy uninterrupted power supply and can sell the extra generated power to the grid.


Off-Grid Solar System

Your Solar System is not connected to the Grid but can supply power to your appliances with the power back up


Solar Water Pumping System

You can run your tube well on Solar and can get rid of heavy electricity bills of tube well.

Our Services


Residential Solar Solutions

On Grid / Grid Tied, Hybrid and Off Grid Solar Systems for Homes

Industrial Solar Solutions

Net-Metered Solar Systems to reduce the cost of production

Agricultural Solar Solutions

Solar Water Pumping system for agricultural needs

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Systems Installed


Capacity Installed

2GW+ (Approx.)

Power Generated